Spring Equinox.  A time to manifest positive intentions.  A time to set the course for a new year.  In that light, I'm not going to dwell on what has occurred since my last post in January.  I will just say that much has changed and all is well.  I have awakened from my winter hibernation, and my outlook and focus is one of renewal, authenticity, courage and growth.

I've spent the last week engaged in intense introspection, trying to decide who I really am and who I want to be.  Until now I have had two conflicting identities - the pilot me, and the Reiki/spiritual me.  I did my best to keep these two areas separate.  I didn't talk about Reiki at the airport, and I didn't want to talk about being a pilot in my Reiki community.

In an uncommon act of bravery last week, I decided to call myself a Reiki master and a Pilot in the same sentence for a bio I was writing.  At first I was proud of myself.  Then I felt stupid because being a pilot didn't seem relevant to what I was doing with the Reiki.  Then I went into a tailspin because I couldn't understand why this one small act was causing me so much consternation.  It was as if my two worlds were colliding, and I wasn't sure which one would survive the mash up.

The catalyst for all of this was a simple two paragraph bio, and it morphed into a week of soul searching with a tap root bigger than I ever imagined.  I started examining everything about myself- why I chose to become a pilot in the first place,  why I am afraid of being thought of as some sort of New Age hippie at work, why I have an intense desire to blend into the crowd and not be different, why I care so much about what others think of me.

After a week of navel gazing I did have some answers, and a new desire to be my authentic self - without labels, without fear, and without holding back.  This is me, like it or not, and I'm not hiding any more.  With that in mind, I'd like to share my new personal mission statement with you.

"By respecting and then sharing ALL of who I am, I create a community of transformation, love, and electric enthusiasm."

I would be honored if you would join me.

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