Until recently, I have kept a strict separation between my work as a reiki master and my job as a pilot.  I rarely talked about reiki at work.  I assumed (and you know what they say about assuming)  that most people either wouldn't be interested, or that they wouldn't understand.  A majority of the people I work with are very traditional in their mindsets and values.  I worried about being judged because I was doing something "different."  As much as I feared being "found out," I was causing myself more pain by trying to hide the activities and spiritual pursuits I was most passionate about.

Last month I flew with a co-worker who was very stressed out.  I intuitively felt that receiving reiki could comfort her and calm her down.  When we arrived at our hotel, I offered to give her reiki.  Since that day, I haven't tried to hide what I do regarding reiki and my holistic lifestyle.  My last trip, I gave my Captain some nutrition suggestions which he followed up on almost immediately.

My entire life I have tried to blend in with the crowd.  I have always felt that being different was unsafe, that I was setting myself up for ridicule.  I kept my head down and my mouth shut. Always quick to assume that someone's reaction to me would be negative, never considering it could just as likely be positive.

I've missed many opportunities to help people, because I've been afraid to open my mouth for fear of being judged.  I guess that's the shadow at work again, and I still have some work to do on being judgmental.  But I think I'm done hiding who I am.  My avocation is becoming my vocation, and it's getting harder to separate my titles of Pilot and Reiki Master.  My worlds are colliding, and after much resistance on my part, I'm finally ready to embrace the change.

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