Chorizo sliders.  Crab sliders.  Butternut squash soup.  Kale slaw.  Buffalo chicken wrap.  That was my dinner last Friday night, and it was all vegan.

Although I have been a vegetarian for over ten years, when someone mentions being a vegan I find it hard to imagine what they eat every day.  (For those of you that might not know, a vegan does not eat anything that comes from an animal, while a vegetarian may eat dairy and eggs).  After a delicious meal at Karyn's on Green in Chicago, I think I could be converted.

From the window the restaurant looks like any other upscale Chicago eatery.  My favorite vegetarian restaurant in Pittsburgh has a much different vibe (which I love), but you can tell from the window that it isn't a meat and potato kind of place.  My carnivorous friends felt right at home at Karyn's, and they were as pleasantly surprised with the food as I was.  We were planning a return trip before we even walked out the door.

After watching the movie "Forks Over Knives," I have been considering a move towards a vegan lifestyle. I am also considering taking an e-Cornell class on plant based nutrition.  The course will not only teach me about plant based nutrition, but also how to discuss nutrition in a non judgmental way.  As I'm finding out, food is a hot button topic with some people.  Even though I'm not trying to convert anyone to veganism (how can I when I haven't myself), I'm finding many people don't even want to discuss the topic.

To do this the right way I will be spending a lot more time cooking, and I must admit that feels a little daunting.  I just need to start looking at cooking as a hobby or a family activity instead of a chore.  I just can't wait until my son is old enough to use a knife.  I need some help chopping all of those vegetables.

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