As I padded downstairs at 5 AM, I wondered if I had left a light on in the kitchen.  Turning the corner I realized that it was the full moon illuminating the entire backyard.  I was ecstatic, because the only reason I was up so early was to attempt to see part of the eclipse.  As I live on the east coast, I knew it was unlikely.  But the thought had me out of bed anyway, instead of sound asleep nursing my cold.

The full moon is considered by many to be a time for setting new intentions.  The last month has been a challenge for me, and I intended to signal (to myself and the universe) that I was ready to shift into high gear and move forward.

After spending half an hour admiring the moon thru the window, I decided to brave the frigid morning air and sneak outside. I had an overwhelming desire to stand out in the moonlight, without a house or window blocking the magical glow.  As I walked out the door after bundling up, I was shocked to see a line of clouds inching towards the moon.  The sky had been completely clear moments ago, and I was thankful I hadn't delayed 5 minutes longer.  I quickly stated my intentions.

"I release anything that no longer serves my highest good.  I am at peace, relaxed, happy, healthy, and calm.  I have all the time I need.  I release the need for control, including the illusion of controlling time.  By being all of who I am, I move forward joyfully with grace and ease (my current mission statement).  I am willing to go where my intuition guides me, and let everything that is unnecessary fall away."

That's all I managed to say before the clouds engulfed the moon.  The moon fought valiantly, shining thru the clouds for longer than I would have thought possible.

It's almost surreal as I sit here typing this 20 minutes later.  The darkness is so dense, I can't even see past the window.  Even though I watched it happen, I'm still sitting here with my mouth open.  I can't get my mind around the fact that the world went from daylight to darkness at 5:30 am.  I guess we'll call it the east coast eclipse.  I'm just thankful I was up early enough to witness it.

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