From Debbie Ford - "When our actions come straight out of our vision of our lives we radiate joy, and passion effortlessly carries us through our days.  What is your vision?"

What is my vision?  I wish I knew.  Part of my problem lately is that I can't seem to find a direction.  It's as if I'm moving in circles, growing, but without a real destination.  Too many commitments, not enough time.  Like the rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland," - always late, but not sure where I am going.   I decided the best way to find my vision was to start free writing and see what I came up with.  Here are the results.

I envision a world of respect.  Respect for mother earth, respect for each other, respect for ourselves.  A world where everyone knows and understands that they are worthy.  They are valid.  A world where I know I am worthy, I am valid.  Here comes the shadow again.  I have such a deep desire to help others live a better life.  To be of service to the world.  But I cannot do that until I clean my own house.  Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."  Maybe it's time to listen.

I envision a world where I am as honest with myself as I am with everyone else around me.  I refuse to lie to other people, but I am constantly lying to myself.  "I'm not good enough, I'm stupid, what do you think you're doing, are you kidding me?"  These are the thoughts and ideas that fill my brain and begin the never ending cycle of negativity in my body.  I must help myself before I can help others.

Every choice I make when I open my mouth affects my well being.  Whether it is thoughts and ideas coming out, or nourishment (or lack thereof) going in.  My vision is to help everyone understand this, but it has to start with me.  Words that are carefully chosen have so much power.  My own words have the ability to draw negative or positive energy to me.  The ability to uplift me and those around me, or cause feelings of negativity and hopelessness.  The foods I choose to nourish me do the same for my body.  I can choose healthy uplifting foods, or foods that zap my energy and emotional well being.  My body is a temple, I will start to treat it that way.

I long to help others fall in love with themselves, so that love will spread outward like a never ending wave, touching all on the planet.  Why is it so easy for me to envision this for others, but not for myself?  Why is self love so difficult?  Is it because self love feels selfish, as if I am putting myself first instead of helping others?

What if self love = self care?  What if it felt more like a necessity, instead of a luxury.  I cannot help others until I help myself.  If I want to see this love bubble grow, then I need to be the epicenter.  And if I want to help others in need, it all starts right here at home.  Respect, integrity, compassion - for myself, and then the world.  This is my vision.

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