Happy New Year.  May 2011 bring you health, joy, peace, love and hugs.  I know it will be a great year for me, because that's what I intend to manifest for myself and my family.

Last year we made a family list of what we were thankful for in 2009.  It was really interesting to read back over the list this year.  Some of the entries were serious, like being thankful for the outcome of a very bad car accident involving my mom, 3 year old son, and 5 year old niece.  Then there were the silly entries, like doorknobs and Myth Busters.

This year we did the thankful list again for 2010.  The silly entries were things like belly button fluff and Winter Solstice beer ( and Moo hoo, and Bell's Double Cream Stout, etc. etc.)  I'll let you guess which input belonged to my 4 year old and which one belonged to my husband.

We also added a new list this year - things we intend to manifest in 2011.  The entries were things like; finding some direction in life, learning to play the drums, planting blueberries and seeing the Aurora Borealis.  I really enjoyed sharing this special time with my husband and son.  Sometimes life gets so busy that we don't have time to share our hopes and dreams and gratitude with the ones we love. This was the perfect opportunity to do that, and a great way to spend an evening.

This exercise was a great way to reminisce about some forgotten past moments, and to set our intentions for all we plan to accomplish in the future.  That being said, I've just come up with something else I'm adding to my manifestation list.  The ability to live in the present moment, and enjoy this time right now.  Because right now, everything is just fine.  Blessings for a wonderful 2011.

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