I've been having a hard time getting myself to sit down and write this week.  I complain about not feeling spiritually connected, and yet I don't make the time to connect with Spirit.  When I actually sit down and make the time to connect through yoga, reiki, writing, or drawing, I feel so much better about myself.  I've also had some unusual synchronicities this week to write about, but I still haven't been motivated to sit down and write.  (I've learned to use the word synchronicity rather than coincidence, as I don't really believe in coincidence anymore.)

While we were in Scotland, I was looking for a book that my sister-in-law had mentioned to me.  At least three different times on the trip I went into a book shop and thought, "oh, there's the book," only to pick it up and realize it wasn't what I was looking for.  The book I kept being drawn to was called the "Book of Kells."  It is an illuminated rendition of the four gospels from the Ninth century.  The original is in Trinity College in Dublin.  After being guided to that particular book numerous times, I still wasn't getting the message that it was that book I was meant to have.

Fast forward to this week, at my friend's house.  I showed her my new earrings from Scotland, which have a celtic symbol on them.  She said, "Those remind me of this book we bought in Ireland," and she pulled out the "Book of Kells."  Ok, Ok,  I get it.

The book talks quite a bit about St. Columba, who founded the abbey on Iona and was credited with bringing Christianity to Scotland.  We visited the abbey while we were there, and it is fairly remote.  We took a ferry to the island of Mull, drove for an hour where we only passed 3 houses and a shop, and then took another ferry to the second island of Iona.

As I sat at my friends house I flipped through the book, and I discovered Columba's name in Gaelic means "Dove of the Church."  I have a fondness for doves, and I had the strange experience last week of seeing 3 doves at the beach.  Forgive me if you read that blog entry, but in case you missed it here's a recap.  I was sitting by the pool in Fort Lauderdale, and 3 doves came and landed on the table next to me.  I had seen plenty of seagulls and even pigeons around that day, but I had never seen doves at the beach.

I didn't mention anything about doves to my friend, and I put the "Book of Kells" down so she could give me some reiki.  During the reiki session, she said she envisioned a white dove.  "This dove is always with you and he protects you," she said.

After the session, I picked the "Book of Kells" up again and went to the section titled "The Peacock and The Dove."  I have also been drawn to peacocks lately.  This section explained the significance of doves in the ancient artwork, and stated that the dove was used as a symbol for Spirit. Hmmm.  Maybe I'm not as spiritually disconnected as I thought.  Ok, ok, I get it.

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