I spent yesterday morning on my boat with my mom and son.  Actually, I’ve spent most mornings that I haven’t been working on the boat this summer.  I don’t know what my connection is with water, but I can’t think of anywhere that makes me happier than being on a boat.  Well, maybe skiing behind a boat.

Unfortunately, we don’t ski on the river.  We have this small problem with sewers where I live.  So much so that after it rains all of the marinas put up orange signs that say CSO.  I don’t think many people in town know what this means, or they wouldn’t be in the water swimming when the signs are up.  I will confess it took me the better part of a summer to figure it out, but luckily I already had my doubts about the cleanliness of the water so we weren’t swimming anyway.  It stands for Contaminated Sewer Overflow, or maybe Output, but you get the idea.  Or as my son shouted across the marina yesterday, “Look Mommy, they’re putting up the poopy water sign.”

My dream has always been to have a house on the water, ideally on a lake.  Unfortunately there is only one lake within an hour drive of where I live, and our favorite lake is 3 hours away.  I know better than to think we would make it to a lake house very often. 

Recently I have decided I would be happy with a portable lake house, otherwise known as a houseboat.  I have a hard enough time maintaining one house, much less two, and this way there wouldn’t be any grass to cut.  I wonder how much the Break Out Another Thousand (my husbands definition of BOAT) expands when you’re talking about a houseboat.

I received an email from a friend yesterday, which said that yesterday was the day of the Grand Cardinal Cross, when the moon moves into Cancer.  I have no idea what that means, but it is supposed to be a significant astrological event.  Along with the full moon on the 9th, it is supposedly a good time to alter the status quo and manifest goals by setting new intentions.

Even though I don’t know anything about astrology, I’ve been setting intentions like crazy yesterday and today.  Just in case there's something to this Grand Cardinal Cross thing, I'd hate to miss out on my chance to set intentions and manifest my lake house.  I haven’t been asking specifically for a lake house, because I don’t want to limit myself, but I have been asking for a place on the water.  Any place, I’m not picky.  Just somewhere I can enjoy the peace and tranquility that envelopes me when I’m around the  water.  I just hope it's far away from any CSO signs.

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