This will be a short one because I am at work today. Every morning for the last week, my son and I have had a morning dance session. We get up and put on a song and just dance and laugh and have a good time. I didn’t realize how much I would miss that when I went back to work.

We have one song that is our current favorite. I’ve never really been a fan of the artist, and I didn’t pay much attention to the song when it first came out. It popped into my head a few weeks ago (the few words I could remember), and wouldn’t leave me. I’ve read somewhere that when a song does that you should pay attention, because there is a reason it has come to you. I played the song on You Tube, and it just happens to be the current theme song to my life. And it’s awfully fun to sing and dance to with a 4 year old. Here it is if you’re interested.

The other song I’ve been listening to is far from a dance song, but still a very good song indeed. I don’t know why this one popped into my head either, other than I’ve always been a Beatles fan and I've always been drawn to this song. According to Ted Andrews "Animal Speak" book - "Blackbirds indicate the need to use the winter to go back into the great womb of life in order to be able to bring forth new energy and expressions of energy the following summer." And it sure has been a great summer. Here’s that one. (Not my video.)

I was lucky enough to fly with a Captain today who enjoys life. He kept trying to get me to sing with him (in between flights of course), but I told him there was no chance of that happening. I’ve just started dancing in public, I’m afraid the singing will have to wait.

For the last few months I haven't even wanted to listen to music, much less dance or sing. I'm around so much noise at work that I want to enjoy peace and quiet when I'm home. Well, as much peace and quiet as you can have with a child that talks constantly.

During this time I also didn't want to talk on the phone or socialize much. I think this must have had something to do with my cocoon phase, because it is highly unlike me. I’m normally very social and don’t like to be by myself. I’m so glad that stage is over, and I am now enjoying music and conversation again. And dancing, oh how I’m enjoying the dancing.

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