Hmmm.  Wondering if I'm having a bit of a backslide.  Well, not a backslide I guess, I'm just not rocketing forward at lightning pace anymore.  My positive attitude has been shaken a little, because I seem to be surrounded by negativity the last few days.  I'm trying to let the bad vibes bounce off of me, which I have been successful in doing the last few weeks.  There must be a chink in the armor though, because today it's not bouncing as easily as I would like it to.

I did a great job of staying positive at work on Monday.  I start and end all of my trips in a different city than where I live.  That's the best and worst part of the job, that I can live anywhere I want.  It's the best for obvious reasons, and the worst because it means I'm gone an extra day each trip, either the night before or the night after my trip starts.  Commuting to work by airplane is interesting, to say the least.

On Monday I missed my flight home by 2 minutes, and had to wait 4 hours for the next one.  Of course, due to Murphy's Law of commuting, that one was late.  I don't know why, but it always works out that way.  It's never 5 minutes late when you need it to be, but if you've been waiting for hours it will be late.  One of the laws of the universe I guess, like gravity.  I can complain about it all I want but it's not going to change.

Amazingly, I kept a pretty zen attitude about the whole thing.  Normally I would be fuming that I was only going to make it home for bedtime instead of dinner time, but this day I didn't let it bother me.  I just figured I was meant to stay at work and get some studying done for my simulator training next month.  I was actually amazed at the fact that I didn't let it ruin my day like it would have in the past.

I just need to find that zen attitude again now that I'm struggling a little bit.  I did treat myself to a piece of carrot cake while I was waiting for my flight the other day, and today I have used "Everything but the--" Ben and Jerry's ice cream to try and annihilate my bad mood.  It's not working, now I just feel guilty for eating it.  What I really need to do is yoga or call a friend from class to cheer me up.  Well, maybe the phone call will have to wait.  There's only a tiny bit of ice cream left, and I can hear it calling me from the freezer.  Maybe I am backsliding, but it tastes too good to stop now.

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