I have been promising to write about the class that has changed my life, so now I will attempt to put my experience into words.  I didn’t think it would be quite this difficult.  The course I attended was called the Rhythm of Life Design.  It was taught by Jim Donovan, formerly of the band Rusted Root, and Harry Pepper, a psychologist.  These two work amazingly well together, and to say the course has changed my life would not be an exaggeration.

To give you a small example, the first day of the class we were setting goals for ourselves.  My goal was to get over my fear of public speaking.  I was writing down that I would look into going to Toastmasters, and while I was doing this I almost had a panic attack.  Just the thought of looking into it made my palms sweat and my heart race.  By the second day of the class, I could say that I was definitely GOING to Toastmasters, and I was calm about it.  And guess what?  Last week I attended my first Toastmasters meeting, and I even gave a one minute speech.

My whole outlook on life has changed as a result of this class.  I wake up happy and I go to bed happy.  Who is this person?  I’m positive in a way I’ve never felt before.  Good bye Chicken Little, hello Polly Positive.  Positive is not a word normally used to describe me, just ask my husband.

Lately I’ve been having the feeling that things are going to turn out right before I’ve even started a project.  This is a foreign concept to me.  I’m usually too busy worrying about all the things that could go wrong to think that something might actually turn out successfully.

It all goes back to what I learned from one of my favorite mentors, Louise Hay.  All of us live our lives in relation to one of two emotions, love or fear.  If you’re coming from a place of fear, which I’ve spent my entire life doing, it’s hard to find love and peace and happiness in the world.  When you start projecting love, you draw that to you and are suddenly surrounded by more positive energy.

When you start expecting good things to happen, an amazing thing occurs.  They actually do start happening!   Previously, it seemed like I was always surrounded by negative people and energy.  That was because I was putting out fear, so I was also attracting it.  Now that I’ve become more positive I seem to be drawing smiling, happy people to myself.  The other day I was in one of my least favorite cities.  The reason I don’t like this city is because the people are so unfriendly.  As I walked thru the airport, every person I passed looked at me, smiled, and said hello.   It was so surreal it felt like a dream.

Because of the course, I am able to make eye contact with people now.  In the past this always made me feel uncomfortable and self conscious, but now it is much easier.  I don’t know what has changed, other than I’m more comfortable in my own skin.  Or maybe I’m trying to project my positivity to others, now that I’ve finally found it.  Fill the world with love, yada yada.  Whatever it is, I hope I feel like this forever.

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