I didn't want the last post to go on forever, so I thought I'd do two separate blogs.  During the Rhythm of Life Design class we did a lot of drumming.  The entire first day, a fly sat on my drum and wouldn't leave me alone.  He even sat there while I was drumming, which was amazing because the drum puts out a pretty good vibration.  I was astounded that he didn't fly away.  Then he had the nerve to invite his little fly friends over for a party on my drum.

The next day during one of the most transformational parts of the class, it felt like flies were swarming all over me.  Yes I know, cue the jokes about showering etc.  When I went home and googled "flies as totem" this is what I found.

"The Fly teaches the ability to greatly multiply prosperity, endeavors and ventures at enormous rates. He shows how to to be quick to act and respond to achieve results. Fly aids in demonstrating the power of keen eyesight along with expanding awareness in many directions.

Although flies are known for carrying diseases in unfavorable surroundings, the lesson of fly is in the value of carrying your emotions, thoughts and feelings in order to act quickly in sometimes unfavorable or uncomfortable conditions.

It takes about two weeks from hatching for new eggs to be laid, likewise, two weeks is significant in one's personal development.

Are you ready for quick and abrupt changes? Are you ready to move quickly? Fly will show how to make quick changes for rapid growth. "

Hmmm, considering I seem to be manifesting things at lightning pace this week, I think that description might just fit me.  During the Rhythm of Life Design course we set one week, one month, and one year goals for ourselves.  I have met all of mine already, in less than two weeks.  Talk about rapid growth.

Am I ready for quick and abrupt growth?  Am I ready to move quickly?  Absolutely.  The last time a friend gave me reiki she kept saying, "Are you ready?"  "For what?" I said.   She didn't have an answer.  Even though I still don't know the answer to my question,  I can say with a resounding yes that I am ready.  I guess only time will tell "for what?"

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