The last two weeks have been difficult for me.  I've been grouchy, impatient, negative, and just generally down.  I lost all desire to do reiki, yoga, write, or work on the "Artist's Way".  I haven't blogged for a while now.  Not because I haven't had anything to say, but because I've had no motivation.  I've wanted to tell you about my son's Dr. visit, where the Dr. just encouraged me to give him drugs instead of figuring out the cause of his allergies.  Or the conversation I had with my fellow pilots about grass and fertilizer.  It seems I'm in the minority because I'd rather have a yard filled with dandelions rather than chemicals.  Or my return trip to Portland and the fate of my Seven for All Mankind jeans.  But those blogs will have to wait.  Because tonight I feel rejuvenated, and it's all because of a man and a drum.

A few weeks ago my neighbor told me about a rhythm  workshop for kids that was being held by Jim Donovan, formerly of the band Rusted Root.  I signed my son up for the class, and was delighted to find out that there was a class for adults afterward.  I have taken a Transformational Reiki class that focused on Native American drumming, and previously been to one drum circle.  Drumming is definitely something I enjoy and want to pursue further, so I was very excited about the class.  I was not disappointed.

Jim really has a way with kids, and my son had a great time at his class.  The adult class was called Rhythm Renewal, and to say it helped me get my mojo back would be an understatement.  All of my friends that are fans of Rusted Root may disagree, but I for one am happy that Jim left the band and found his true calling.  I am suddenly energized and excited and ready to write and blog and be creative again.  I don't know exactly what happened tonight, but it's like the rhythmic beating of the drum helped me to break up whatever block I had that was making me so negative.

In the past, I've had reiki classes where I felt like everything the instructor said was exactly what I needed to hear.  Tonight was one of those nights.  From the message about being present with my son when he needs me, to the Native American song that brought me to tears, to the need to confront my fears and work through them, every time Jim opened his mouth (or beat on his drum), I felt like I was absolutely in the right place at the right time.

Drumming seems to be the one time that I am not self conscious, and I stop worrying about what other people think of me.  I just get lost in the drumbeat, and I find myself in an almost trance like state.  It's unbelievably relaxing, and yet energizing at the same time.  Like Jim said tonight, we waste a lot of money in this country trying a multitude of things to help us relieve stress and relax.  If only more people realized it was this easy.

I have no doubt there is more drumming in my future.  My husband went with me tonight, and I'm hoping he enjoyed it enough to do it again.  I would love for this to be a new family hobby for us, although the neighbors may not find that idea as exciting as I do.  Even if I'm the only one to continue on with it, I am grateful to Jim for helping me get back on the right track again.  And I promise to fill you in on the Dr., the dandelions, and the jeans later.

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