I have a friend that requested drivel, and she's one of my few regular readers so I have to oblige.  (You're right, dear friend).  So the rest of you will just have to suffer.

This will be a quick one, because we are attempting to fly standby tonight to Chicago.  It originally sounded like a good idea.  We're taking my train crazy son to "All Aboard", a train themed diner.  I think we're also going to hit the aquarium.  Unfortunately, there is a thunderstorm coming and not many empty seats on the airplane.

One of the perks marketed by the airline industry for it's employees is the ability to fly for free whenever you want.  Some of our flight attendants even wear shirts that say, "Marry me fly for free".  I almost feel like that's a bit of false advertising though.  You see, there has to be an empty seat on the airplane to fly for free, and in this day and age of consolidating flights, there aren't a lot of empty seats.  If you have no constraints on your time, you can afford to get bumped off a flight and just take the next one(or the next one, or the next one).  It may take you two days to get there, and the cost of a hotel room or a night in the airport, but your plane ticket was free.

Don't get me wrong, I am not in any way complaining.  It is a very nice perk to have, we just don't have much flexibility.  Especially with a four year old.  So I'm sending up a quick prayer to the non-revving God's that someone doesn't show up for the flight tonight so we can have their seat.  Wish us luck!

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