Why did the grouse cross the road?  I don't know either, but she sure took her sweet time.  When have you ever seen a grouse sauntering across the road?  I never have, until yesterday.  Actually, I've had quite a few animal encounters since yesterday.  My mom has a place in the country, and we were driving there last night when the grouse went out for her stroll.

I was in the woods around dawn this morning, and it was amazing and peaceful.  And I can attest that yes, it actually is coldest right before the dawn.  I was sitting against a tree writing, and I saw three separate sets of deer.  Later in the day we were sitting on the porch and we heard a flicker, which is a type of woodpecker.  On the drive home today, I almost ran over a suicidal turkey that decided to jump out in front of the car.  And whoever says turkeys can't fly is dead wrong.  He moved out of the way pretty quickly.

I once came upon a flock of turkeys in my backyard in the city.  I don't know who was more startled when I came around the corner, them or me.  They took off flying and ended up on the top of my neighbors third floor roof.  I hit the ground like I was in combat, because I had no idea what the sudden noise and cloud of black things were coming at me.  It had to have been pretty funny to watch.  And it was quite strange to see a turkey on the top of a roof in the city, perched like the hood ornament on a car.

I have been learning more about animal symbolism recently.  I mentioned in another blog that Native Americans believe that the characteristics and traits of animals symbolize things in our own lives.  I thought I'd see if there was any kind of connection between these animals from the last 2 days.  Most of these are from Ted Andrews book, "Animal Speak".

Grouse - Sacred Dancing and Drumming - new rhythms will open new flow of energy in  your life

Deer - Gentleness and Innocence - Gentle luring to new adventure

Flicker - New rhythm, time of rapid growth,  creative changes, study the use of percussion instruments

Turkey - blessings that the earth contains, along with the ability to use them to great advantage

Hmmm.  I'm beginning to see a pattern here, and that was just the last two days.  Now, I also had a strange experience with bats at the zoo a couple of weeks ago.  I have always hated bats.  There's a resident bat in the barn at my mom's place, and he's always freaked me out.  At the zoo they have a bat enclosure where they can fly back and forth.  Various types of fruit are arranged on the wall, and the bats hang off of it and eat.  I've never seen a bat eat.  I was enthralled.  I could've sat and watched them all day.  Can you guess the symbolism of bats?

Bat - Transition and initiation, promise of rebirth and coming out of the darkness

So it appears I may have some changes coming in my life.  But I already knew that.  This entire year has been life changing for me.  I had a private reiki session with my mentor yesterday, and I don't think I could adequately write what I experienced even if I wanted to.  If I had to use one word to describe it - Rebirth.  I'm ready for the changes, the challenges, and the new rhythms.  I can't wait to see what will wander in front of my car tomorrow.

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