My baby turned 4 today.  For some reason, I have been calling him 4 for a while now.  I think it's because he's always been big for his age.  He didn't potty train til he was 3, and you should've seen the looks I would get changing his diaper in a public restroom.  The look that said, "What is that 6 year old still doing in diapers?"  When he was 3 I would say he was 3 1/2.  Then he started saying he was 3 3/4.  It was very cute.  I certainly don't want him to grow up any faster, so this year I will say he is 4 until the day he turns 5.

He likes to help me cook, so I let him help me bake his birthday cake this morning.  Here's how it went.

1st attempt - Dropped an egg on the floor
2nd attempt - Knocked over the oil into the spice rack
3rd attempt - Mom pulled her hair out.  Just kidding, it actually went well after that.

My son helped me ice the cake, and then I decorated it while he was napping.  We had a Thomas themed carrot cake, complete with a graham cracker Tidmouth Shed and almond railroad track.  It looked pretty good if I do say so myself.  I couldn't tell you how it tasted, because I can't eat it yet.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it though.

This seemed to be the year of creatures as birthday gifts.  His aunt sent him sea monkeys, and I am extremely jealous.  I always wanted sea monkeys as a kid.  And an easy bake oven.  Why is it easier to remember what we wanted instead of what we received?

He also received an ant farm.  This one I am not so excited about.  Don't get me wrong, I have a new found respect for ant's this year.  I even tried not to kill them when they were in the house a few months ago.  I tried at least half a dozen non toxic things to get them to leave.  The vinegar worked to the extent that they wouldn't cross the line where it was sprayed.  Cloves didn't work.  Baby powder may have worked a little.  I don't even remember what else I tried.  One thing I didn't try was just asking them to leave.  I know it sounds crazy, but some people swear it works.  I'll give it a try next time before I bring out the ant traps.

At least it doesn't bother me any more when I see ants in the garden.  I used to try and get rid of them. Now I realize they are actually quite beneficial in the garden and am pleased to see them.  Maybe I'll respect them even more after I watch them in the ant farm.  Or maybe I'll leave the ant farm to the boys and relive my childhood watching the sea monkeys.  Now if only someone would buy my son a pony.

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