Detroit.  How do I love thee - let me count the ways.  OK, done.  Actually I don't hate Detroit, I just find it incredibly depressing.  I live in a 100 year old house, and I love old houses.  To see the state of the houses in downtown Detroit just rips my heart out.

But what's worse than the condition of the houses still standing, is the totally empty blocks that were once lined with gorgeous houses that are now completely gone.  There is actually talk of bulldozing more houses in the city and turning neighborhoods back into fields and farmland.  As long as the houses are stripped of anything useful first, I don't think I have a problem with that.  It's better than having a pile of decrepit junk.  So long as they don't just grow corn in the fields, but I will rant about corn and high fructose corn syrup in another post.

So this new diet has made preparing to come to work very interesting.  I don't carry a cooler, and trying to cram a bunch of veggies in a non refrigerated bag gets kind of dicey.  I think I've eaten my weight in brown rice the last three days.  I'm tired of stir fry already, and I've got another month to go.

Packing in general has been a pain lately.  You'd think after 11 years of being a pilot, I'd have it down to a science.  Instead, it takes me a couple of hours every time.  Each time I go to work I swear I'm going to pack lighter, and yet every week it feels like someone has stuffed a couple of bricks in my bag.

Here's another interesting thing about going to work.  At home, I can't drag my sorry self out of bed before 8 am.  At work, I have to be up before 6am, and usually by 5.  I get to see a lot of sunrises at work, and it is one of the most beautiful times of the day.  I wish I would get up to see them at home.

Speaking of the sunrise, I need to get to bed.  Didn't sleep well last night, and 4 am comes awfully early tomorrow.

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