So it's a little after 7am, and I am writing while swishing a tablespoon of sesame oil in my mouth.  Sounds disgusting, I know.  When I first heard about it, it actually sounded impossible.  But I'm learning that nothing is impossible unless you make it that way.  It's actually not that bad when you get used to it.  It's called oil pulling, and it's an ayurvedic practice.  You can learn more about it from the links below.

Oil pulling is supposed to remove toxins from the body.  I can't tell you if it works or not, because I haven't been doing it long enough yet.  And quite honestly, I've been forgetting a lot.  You do it right before breakfast, and before you've had anything to drink.  I wake up so thirsty that sometimes I've had a drink before I think of it.

It's also difficult to do when you have a 4 year old firing non stop questions at you from the minute he wakes up.  He's getting better at sign language, but not being able to talk for twenty minutes becomes frustrating for both of us.  I tried to do it today before he woke up, but unfortunately the staircase in our hundred year old house is not conducive to sneaking down to the kitchen.  It creaks like the bones of any other centenarian.  The good news is my son will never be able to sneak in or out of the house when he's 16.

So I think there is some benefit to oil pulling, and will continue to try it.  I do notice a lot of post nasal drip while I'm pulling, so it must be doing something.

I used to be able to wake up, get ready, and be out the door in twenty minutes.  Now my morning routine has expanded to brush teeth, tongue scraping, oil pulling, glass of water, glass of water with lemon, and then finally breakfast.  That doesn't even include the yoga and meditation I've been trying to do in the morning.  I'm going to have to start getting up at 6 am just to make it out the door by 8.  Then I need to find time for blogging and reiki.  Is there anyway to stretch the days to 26 hours?  I just need to start sleeping for 6 hrs. instead of 8 and I'll be fine.

This is the first post I've tried to write in the morning, and I see I will go back to pm posts.  Not quite awake before 8 am, and I'm being pleaded with to go play legos.  I can't write, pull, and try to do sign language that I need to finish this before I can play.

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