I continue to be amazed at the things I discover about natural healing.  Last week I was experiencing burning and itching on the top of my toes, and at times there would be a strange purplish rash.  For almost 48 hours, the fourth toe on my left foot hurt enough that it made me limp.  My toes were also colder than usual.

I thought maybe it was athlete's foot, which can be a symptom of candida.  Since I had been craving bagels (and eating them), this sounded like a logical explanation.  My husband wanted me to go to my regular doctor, because he was concerned that the purple color and the strange sensations might be a circulation problem.  I didn't think I needed to go, but I went so I could say, "See, I told you it wasn't anything."

The doctor said it wasn't athlete's foot, but more likely just bad circulation.  She ordered some blood tests just in case, and that was that.

When I went to the acupuncturist today, I pointed out the purple spots on my toes and told her about what had happened.  She pointed to the worst purple spot and said, "That's the end of the spleen channel."  The spleen is what we work on most often when I go to see her.  "That spot is your gall bladder, and that one is the end of your liver channel.  They're all tied together with what we normally work on, and I think what we're doing is working.  The junk has moved to the end of the channel and now doesn't have anywhere to go."

She suggested that a small prick to the end of the affected toe would relieve some of the pressure.  Last year this would have sounded crazy to me.  Today it sounded like just what I needed.  I actually can't believe it myself, but four toe pricks later I felt like a different person.  I have been really sluggish all month, suffering from a general malaise that is driving me crazy.  Within a few minutes of relieving some of the pressure, I felt a sense of euphoria that has eluded me for over a month.

Did it really work that well, or was it all in my head?  To be honest, I don't really care.  I feel better and that's all that matters.  I am continually astonished at the wonders of the human body, and the way it will heal itself if we just pay attention.

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