I'm on day two of the "old new me."  I have been doing pretty well with my goals so far.  The day before yesterday I got up early and went for a walk.  We are definitely having an Indian Summer here and it was just too beautiful to stay inside.  In fact, I'm sitting on my candlelit porch right now and I'm almost hot in a sweatshirt.  Unheard of for mid October around here.  I also wrote in my journal that morning and did my affirmations.  Today I did my affirmations and then stayed inside and did some writing for my writing class.

I also started taking flower essences again, this time it's Bach Flower Remedies.  I just happened upon them the other day at the grocery store, and they have really made a difference.  A flower essence is the dilution of a flower into a liquid for emotional support.  I put several drops of each in a glass of water a few times a day and drink it.  I can't believe how well it works, because I certainly was skeptical the first time I tried it.

I am taking a nettle blend, which actually isn't by Bach.  This is for my allergies, and I am learning that nettle is good for all kinds of ailments.  I was unfamiliar with stinging nettle until I met my English husband.  Either I was just lucky as a kid, or we aren't assailed with nettles here in the states like they are in the UK.  He absolutely hates them, but I have made friends with them and am finding them quite useful.  I guess I'll feel that way until I get stung by one.

I also bought something called the Bach Emotional Eating Support kit.  Since I've had no will power concerning food the last few weeks, and I have been eating things with ingredients like carnuba wax and glycol, I thought this might be helpful.  It contains the following 3 remedies.

Cherry Plum - helps you act rationally and think clearly with a calm and balanced mind when you fear losing control

Crab apple - helps you accept your physical imperfections and feel better about the way you are

Chestnut Bud - helps you observe your mistakes objectively so you can learn from them and move on

And I also bought Mimulus, which I have taken before for my fear of public speaking.

Mimulus - brings courage and calm to things that frighten or worry you, also aids the shy and timid

I can't tell you how they work but somehow they do.  I also had another interesting discovery today, which I will need to research further.  I have a book called Healing With Whole Foods.  It is a great book, but it is huge and I can't take it to work with me.  It's also the type of book that I can't read right before bed when I'm only half awake.  I really want to be able to read it cover to cover, because I'm not getting the full information by just looking at symptoms.  That being said, I'm pretty sure I have a liver stagnation.  What does that mean?  I'm not sure myself other than I need to be eating different kinds of foods (which my intuition was already telling me.)  Actually, I just googled liver stagnation to try and explain it better, and I just realized why I have it.  This is from an article by Anasuya Batliner.

"A main function of the Liver in TCM (traditional chinese medicine) is to  move Qi (energy) and Blood so that all the other organs and muscles are energized and nourished. Liver likes to be motivated, to accomplish goals, to move forward in life in a creative and dynamic way. Anger and frustration emerges when our way forward is thwarted. Liver is the organ system most affected by repressed emotions."  I'm not going to go into detail other than to say, "Yep, that would explain it." 

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