Topics available for Speaking events


  • The Best Kept Secret in Business - Being Authentically You
    Do you have a split personality, divided between a business persona and a private persona? Is there a side of you that only a privileged few get to see, because you worry about being judged or what other people will think? Learn the three things that can create more for your business, and connect you with your ideal clients.
  • Mother's Intuition During Pregnancy and Childbirth - Many women think they have to wait until their baby can talk to communicate with them, not realizing that communication can start much earlier, even in the womb. Mother's intuition can create more ease for mom and baby during pregnancy and delivery. I communicated with my twins throughout my pregnancy. When I was wheeled into the Operating Room to deliver, the doctors told me to stop laughing or I would laugh the baby out before they were ready. What if it really could be that easy?
  • Mindfulness - The art of paying attention to the present moment, without judgment. Situations that cause the most anxiety are often in the past or the future, not occurring in the present moment. The practice of mindful awareness has a variety of well-documented impacts - a reduction in stress, an increase in emotional regulation, and an improvement in sustained attention and focus. Mindfulness can be applied in business, with our children, and even with what we eat.